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Nature’s Secret is a naturally proven beauty and health supplement that rejuvenates, repairs and energises tissues in the female body, while building up a healthy immune system and boosting natural antioxidants to detoxify harmful elements from our system. The main purpose of this supplement is for tightening the vagina muscles. Tannins in Manjakani has the power to tighten the vagina muscles and helps to reverse the loss of elasticity caused by child-birth, ageing and hormonal changes. Astringent in Manjakani aids in healing external tissue damage after childbirth. Manjakani helps in eliminating bacterial, yeast and fungal infection, the main causes of itching and unpleasant odour in the intimate area.

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Don’t take it from me, listen to what others have to say about it


September 2017

This is my customer, Gina Ee. She bought my product and used it for 1.5 months. Listen from her to find out …

The product is used to be known as V-Tight Secret and operated under Mamita Massage brand name.

another testimonials from other customers

1st testimonial from her


August 2017

“Hi Zarina I will definitely buang angin within 1 hr of consumption. I only take it at night after food. First few days after taking it, susah nak pass motion. Drank lots of water. After that now it’s back to normal.

I don’t feel any difference in my body except my husband always says it’s enjoyable whenever we do it. I think it’s tighter now because he used to tell me kepit. But not now anymore.

I want to order another bottle from you Same account izzit?”

2nd order – 2 bottles


November 2017

“Salam Zarina. I would like 2 bottles please.

My friend wants to try it too. So i am ordering 1 for her too”

3rd order – 3 bottles


December 2017

“Thanks for the free delivery. Might as well i buy 2-3 bottles sekali jalan. Possible?

It’s my husband who noticed the difference. And he encouraged me to continue the product.

He is a happy man”

4th order – 5 bottles


February 2018

“Salam Zarina. How are you?

I gave my friend 1 bottle to try. She likes it so much. Now she wants 3 bottles.

Another friend is also keen to try
I am going to give her 1 bottle to try too

Any discounts if i buy 5 bottles?”

5th order – 3 bottles


May 2018

“Salam Zarina. Possible 3 bottles tomorrow please?

Two said it was too heaty for them. Prolonged Breakouts and constipation even after drinking lots of water.

Another friend finds it very energetic and good overall feeling She is continuing with her remaining 2 bottles”


July 2018


Today only feel better. But last night my stomach sakit jer macam tarik-tarik rasa.

But ok now and the pill ok too. Tak ada putih now. Badan I pun feel segar. Wake up morning tak ada lemah jer.

Is it bcos if massage or the pill?”


August 2017

“Waalaikummussalam … Ok dlm masa seminggu….. Yang paling ketara tu lah period ok sangat dan air kencing tak berbau….

Kita kan perempuan masa kita buang air kencing tu kan lubang faraj kita terbukak … Selalunya akan berbau tapi sekarang tak ada dah…..


Bila membuang air besar sangat lawas….. Keluar toksit hitam.. Memang ringan badan…..
Rasa memang ada potensi utk kurus….. 😍😍 hubungan pun ok….”
Kami nak jadikan ni sebagai supplement kami …. 😍😍😍😍


June 2017

“Hi Zarina. Just want to give you some updates of what’s happening.

I feel a little tighten down there. My tiredness also improving. Because I am having my period, so I stop it for a while. What I realise is that when I take this medication, I only take once a day yeah. When I take this medication, I feel the need to drink a lot of water, which is alright. My poo becomes very easy, it is not hard like before, how should I say it becomes like a flow and it is more easy to come out compared to … it is not big chunks like that you know… just like small … macam ular dia keluar, macam tu.

And I feel that my colon is very clean. Easier to get up in the morning, no big fuss and I don’t feel that much tired actually. These past few days I am not taking it that is why I feel very tired. These are the effects. Soon, I’ll be ordering some from you and I think I’ll work out something with you and see how can I sell it off to people. Thank you”


June 2017

“I am feeling less tired, usually I feel very tired but nowadays, these past 2 days after taking your medication a bit less tired like that. A bit more energy and then sleeping well. Not getting up in the middle of the night. These are the improvements that I see. So I thought I just let you know”


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the brains behind the product


Kak Melah

92 years old, previously as a midwife for 40+ years

Ramelah or Kak Melah as commonly known in Tanjung Musang, Alor Star, Kedah was a midwife or ‘bidan’ in Malay language. She was actively in the profession when she was 40 years old and now she is retired at the age of 90++. She acts like a ‘Consultant’ to all the products that I make.



42 years old. 2nd grand child of Kak Melah.

A 3rd generation masseuse after Kak Melah, I am the 2nd grandchild of her. I stayed with her when I was a children until I became a teenager. I got married in 2006 and moved to Kuala Lumpur. I was active in home-to-home massage from 2016 to 2019 under the name Mamita Massage.

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Mamita Care is not affiliated with any organisations or individuals. Used to be known as Mamita Massage from May 2016 to August 2018. Contact me at +6010-812 6050 for further details




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