Feminine Issues

Feminine Issues

Dedicated to all LADIES who are experiencing weak grip, irregular menstrual period, white and smelly discharge and bacterial infection


No need for costly operation, lethal injection, depression, humiliation and rejection. Read on …

All Ladies Want A Happy Life

Happy life is what we and everyone wants. It is a dream that some of us get it and some don’t. Being a woman is a privillege and we just want a happy life. But being a happy woman is not easy …

If that monthly thingy is not enough, we are presented with other issues such as itchiness, bad smell, loose grip, irregular period, and so on. Who on earth can stand with so many internal problems. Not to mention external problems with kids and mr hubby. Only those with strong mindset and the fittest will survive!

Mamita truly understands these issues since Mamita is a woman and a mother too. Some issues Mamita encountered myself and some Mamita heard from my customers.

That is why Mamita created this website to help those in need for a quick and simple solution. Those issues up there can be solved with simple action. There is no need for cut-throat operation, expensive consultation and ridiculous medication.

Let’s See What This Lady Has To Say About Nature’s Secret


Hi everyone, my name is Gina. Today, I just want to share with you a product that I have been taking for the last month and a half which is called the V-Tight Secret. Even before the first bottle was over, let me tell you …

I felt more energetic, I felt that the moodiness has kind of lifted. That’s to me is very important because when I am moody, I don’t get things done. Some of the benefits that I notice after consuming this V-Tight Secret is that I feel happier, less moody, and then the white discharge had kind of alleviated as well. What I got was very pleasant kind of discharge in fact. The texture is totally different, and the smell is also different, I don’t know why … is kind of magical. It took me by surprise actually.

But most importantly, the sex part. You know I really like it. My husband has said that it brings us closer. I like that part very much because. You know we live very busy life, so anything that can help us to bond, to be closer and to be more intimate I think that is important.

Listen to her as she shares with you the benefits she got from the bottle.

NOTE: Nature’s Secret was formerly known as V-Tight Secret

Gina Ee

Marketer, City Clinic At KLCC

You Love Being A Woman But Once A While These Problems Pop-Up. Are You Experiencing These Problems?

Before you even think about your happiness, there is one big challenge that you need to overcome as a woman. That is your FEMININE part. There are some questions for you …

Irregular Menstrual Period

Sometimes early and sometimes late. When it is late, you become panic … worry that something is wrong and you do not know what causes this issue. You have no clue how to solve this. Have you experienced this?

Smelly Discharge

The liquid that comes out has one funny smell and you do not know what causes it. Is it the food intake? Is it the soap you use? Is it the pad? Is it this … is it that. You have no clue …

White Colour Discharge

The discharge has one kind of texture, white and yellowish in colour. Normally, it has no colour … why suddenly it has weird colour?


You feel loose down there and Mr Hubby keeps on complaining that it is no longer fun and tight. You feel uneasy already and start thinking about expensive and cut-throat operation to make it tighter again.


Vaginal Fart

You notice that everytime you break the wind, the wind exits from the front instead of from the rear. You know something is wrong but you do not know how to solve it.

Saggy Asset

You feel that your asset has become out of shape, not nice to look at and not firm anymore. Something must be done, but what is it? Costly operation will only put your health at risk with the unnecessary implants!

Less Toilet Break

Sometimes you wonder why is that after so many days you do not visit the toilet and have that long break anymore. You eat normally but the process does not translate into toilet break. Now, you need to worry about it when there is no output.

Above are just some of the issues that occur due to being a woman. There are many more if you become a mother. The issues are endless. It is not easy to become a woman, a mother and a wife. Some people say “no need to worry, just take care of your food intakes and exercise, everything will be ok. Our body is so smart that it knows what to do”. Are you sure by taking care of your food intakes and exercise, everything will be ok?


It is not as easy as you think … that is why this product is made especially for you, ladies. It is made especially to help ladies, just like you and me, go through life the easy way. No need for cut-throat operation, ridiculous consultation, expensive and never ending medications.

“If you are serious about solving your FEMININE issues the easy way, then you must HAVE this product …”

There Are So Many Benefits And Advantages For Just Being A Healthy Woman From The Inside

… because who is going to benefit from it if it is not you?

Intimate Relationship

Imagine, your relationship with Mr Hubby is closer than before because he enjoys you and you enjoy him as well. No more loose grip, no more bad smell and no more weird-looking liquid. 


When you are in control of your internal health, you get the confidence to do anything without thinking about issues that haunted you previously. 

Good Look

When you take this herbal medication for a quite some time, you’ll notice that your shape and figure are firmed up. No more saggy breasts, no more loosen grip and no more flat buns. Everything will be tight and firm and you’ll be looking good in old clothes.

Womb Recovery

Especially after you deliver a baby, your womb will be less elastic and Mamita Nature’s Secret is used to return the elasticity of the womb back to its original shape and condition.

Family Planning

Since this product will cleanse your internal system; with consistent menstrual period, clean discharge, no bacteria infection … you can actually plan to have a baby since your system is healthier and stronger.

“The TRUTH … unless you are willing to pay MORE to get treatment, this is the easiest way to treat your FEMININE issues”

Are You Thinking Like This?

Monitor My Food Intake

Mamita knows that you are thinking about monitoring the food intakes … “As long as I monitor the food intakes especially organic food, nothing can go wrong”. Think your body is like a car. If you monitor the schedule maintenance for the car, would the car can go the distance without any corrective maintenance? Let’s make it easy, can you drive your car without balancing and alignment for few years? The answer is NO.

Clean Miss V Regularly

Mamita knows that by cleaning your Miss V regularly, you would avoid the issues with bacteria and infections. Actually, by cleaning your Miss V regularly, it will clean from the outside. The inside part is not touched at all. You need something else for your internal cleaning and it does not involve shampoos and brushes.

Doctor's Opinion

Mamita knows that you are thinking about seeking advice with your doctor just in case Mamita’s herbal medication will conflict with the doctor’s prescription. The answer is yes. Mamita Nature’s Secret is from nature without any genetic modifications or ‘twisting’ the DNA. Doctor’s medications or drugs are manufactured in the lab. It is like water and oil, it will not mix together.

Any doctor will always ‘advise’ us to stick to pharmaceutical drugs since it is tested and certified. Yes, they would advise so since pharmaceutical drugs are the biggest revenue generating for pharmaceutical companies.


Kegel Exercise

Mamita understands that if you are facing with weak vagina muscles, the best it to do kegel exercise. Kegel exercise is to treat the internal and external part and Mamita Nature’s Secret is for the deeper part of internal organs. These combinations will speed up the recovery process.

No Need To Worry Anymore!

Now, you don’t have to think about the problem “how do I solve my feminine issues?”. Your worry and fear about feminine issues will end soon. This is not a hype but a thorough research about a traditional recipe from generations to generations that will help you solve your feminine issues once and for all.

This Is Not A Garbage Talk, This Is A Fact

You may think that I cook this one up just to make the sale.  I cannot blame you for thinking like that. There are many scammers out there who prey on the innocent minds. But what you do not know is that I have been doing maternity care for years before I involve with a product like this one. This is not an OEM product where you can find it anywhere. This is a specialised product that only produced and sold by me, no one else! Let us look at my profile a lil bit …

Natural Born Masseuse

For your information, Mamita is a natural-born masseuse and has been doing maternity care since 2016 by offering mothers around Klang Valley with pre natal and post natal massages.

Inherited Skill From Grandmother

To cut it short, my grandmother was also a mid-wife and my grandmother’s mother was also a mid-wife. In my family of 5 siblings, only I got the talent.

Satisfied Customers

I lost count as to how many mommies I massaged throughout my period of doing that. To check it out, see their words about me by clicking this link.

Free Blog About Women's Health

For my CSR programme, I am providing blog on women’s health, sharing my knowledge and tips about being a healthy woman and mommy. Click here to go to my blog.

For a complete information about Mamita, you can click this link. It will open another page that explains who is Mamita in details.

Yeah … That’s It

This is how Mamita prepare this website and the product just for you. This is not an easy task, this is a very difficult task. It is so difficult to produce good quality website and good product at the same time.

You Cannot Wait Anymore?

That is it, Mamita will reveal to you the secret recipe what my grandmother put inside the bottle and what my grandmother’s mother did in the past when both of them were actively involved as mid-wives.

What Are The Secrets In This Bottle?


100% pure Manjakani (Oak Galls) A GRADE imported from TURKEY.


100% VEGETABLE capsule. It is confirmed 100% HALAL, VEGETARIAN, VEGAN and RELIGION friendly.


0-SIZED capsule. 0-sized capsule is bigger than normal capsule. This means MORE Manjakani in a pill.


Added miracle seed or better known as Black Seed (Nigella Sativa) for prevention of CANCER.


All NATURAL ingredients. No GMO, preservatives, additives, artificial flavours and colouring.

Contents In The Bottle

How Will This Product HELP You?

The main purpose of this supplement is for TIGHTENING the vagina muscles. TANNINS in Manjakani has the power to tighten the vagina muscles and helps to reverse the loss of elasticity caused by child-birth, ageing and hormonal changes. ASTRINGENT in Manjakani aids in healing external tissue damage after childbirth. MANJAKANI helps in eliminating bacterial, yeast and fungal infection, the main causes of itching and unpleasant odour in the intimate area.


Rejuvenate vaginal internal muscles


Tightening vaginal tissues especially after childbirth


Control mucus and inconsistent vaginal discharge

Regulate the menstrual period


Prevent odour from vagina

Beauty of Body

Delay the ageing process

Beautify the skin and prevent acne

Mind & Soul

Prevent breasts, uterine cancer and diabetes

Solve Your FEMININE Issues NOW!


Most Probably The Best Manjakani in KL


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Don’t Take It From Me. Listen To What Others Have To Say About It


September 2017

This is my customer, Gina Ee. She bought my product and used it for 1.5 months. Listen from her to find out …

The product is used to be known as V-Tight Secret and operated under Mamita Massage brand name.

another testimonials from other customers

1st testimonial from her


August 2017

“Hi Zarina I will definitely buang angin within 1 hr of consumption. I only take it at night after food. First few days after taking it, susah nak pass motion. Drank lots of water. After that now it’s back to normal.

I don’t feel any difference in my body except my husband always says it’s enjoyable whenever we do it. I think it’s tighter now because he used to tell me kepit. But not now anymore.

I want to order another bottle from you Same account izzit?”

2nd order – 2 bottles


November 2017

“Salam Zarina. I would like 2 bottles please.

My friend wants to try it too. So i am ordering 1 for her too”

3rd order – 3 bottles


December 2017

“Thanks for the free delivery. Might as well i buy 2-3 bottles sekali jalan. Possible?

It’s my husband who noticed the difference. And he encouraged me to continue the product.

He is a happy man”

4th order – 5 bottles


February 2018

“Salam Zarina. How are you?

I gave my friend 1 bottle to try. She likes it so much. Now she wants 3 bottles.

Another friend is also keen to try
I am going to give her 1 bottle to try too

Any discounts if i buy 5 bottles?”

5th order – 3 bottles


May 2018

“Salam Zarina. Possible 3 bottles tomorrow please?

Two said it was too heaty for them. Prolonged Breakouts and constipation even after drinking lots of water.

Another friend finds it very energetic and good overall feeling She is continuing with her remaining 2 bottles”


July 2018


Today only feel better. But last night my stomach sakit jer macam tarik-tarik rasa.

But ok now and the pill ok too. Tak ada putih now. Badan I pun feel segar. Wake up morning tak ada lemah jer.

Is it bcos if massage or the pill?”


August 2017

“Waalaikummussalam … Ok dlm masa seminggu….. Yang paling ketara tu lah period ok sangat dan air kencing tak berbau….

Kita kan perempuan masa kita buang air kencing tu kan lubang faraj kita terbukak … Selalunya akan berbau tapi sekarang tak ada dah…..


Bila membuang air besar sangat lawas….. Keluar toksit hitam.. Memang ringan badan…..
Rasa memang ada potensi utk kurus….. 😍😍 hubungan pun ok….”
Kami nak jadikan ni sebagai supplement kami …. 😍😍😍😍


June 2017

“Hi Zarina. Just want to give you some updates of what’s happening.

I feel a little tighten down there. My tiredness also improving. Because I am having my period, so I stop it for a while. What I realise is that when I take this medication, I only take once a day yeah. When I take this medication, I feel the need to drink a lot of water, which is alright. My poo becomes very easy, it is not hard like before, how should I say it becomes like a flow and it is more easy to come out compared to … it is not big chunks like that you know… just like small … macam ular dia keluar, macam tu.

And I feel that my colon is very clean. Easier to get up in the morning, no big fuss and I don’t feel that much tired actually. These past few days I am not taking it that is why I feel very tired. These are the effects. Soon, I’ll be ordering some from you and I think I’ll work out something with you and see how can I sell it off to people. Thank you”


June 2017

“I am feeling less tired, usually I feel very tired but nowadays, these past 2 days after taking your medication a bit less tired like that. A bit more energy and then sleeping well. Not getting up in the middle of the night. These are the improvements that I see. So I thought I just let you know”

Who Really Needs This Product?

There is no need to think about it. Mamita knows you need this product. This product will solve all your feminine issues once and for all!

If you are experiencing weak vagina MUSCLES

If you are experiencing excessive vaginal DISCHARGE

If you are experiencing bad SMELL from the private part

If you face IRREGULAR menstrual period

If you are experiencing WHITE liquid discharge

If you are experiencing breaking wind that comes from FRONT instead of rear

Solve Your FEMININE Issues NOW!


Most Probably The Best Manjakani in KL


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