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8 Benefits of Massage to Our Body

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Massage

Certainly, there are some of us who loves their body to be massaged. For those who never, you should try to get body massage because the feeling is unbelievable. Body massage becomes the number one choice to some people to cope with feeling of tired, fatigue, and rejuvenates the parts of body that feel tense after a day of work.

The 8 Benefits Of Massage To Our Body

There are many advantages and benefits that can be gained from the massage. It soothes the body and the massage will also make parts of the body, mind and soul become healthier. Not only that, there are several other advantages to be gained right after the full body massage. Among them;

#1: Rejuvenates the body

When there is pressure at workplace coupled with personal problems and some part of the body feels pain; in addition to rest, body massage will also help to ease the pain. Body massage can rejuvenate your body and when you wake up, your body will feel more energetic. Massage that typically uses aromatherapy, essential oils and lotions will also help refresh your mind. 

#2: Improve the blood circulation

Massage is an excellent way to improve the blood circulation in the body. Massage increases blood circulation by pumping oxygen into the tissues, organs and also helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

#3: Reduces the feelings of anxiety and stress

Peaceful mind and surrounding environment have great impact to the health and body and this can be achieved through massage. When feeling depressed, anxious and messed-up, we tend to treat it with medication. However, massage can be an alternative and very effective to some people. Massage will ease the breathing and it will help the breathing becomes stable and calm, conditions that will make you relax and avoid the mind from having negative thoughts and fears. 

#4: Good night’s sleep

If you are having troubles to sleep at night, it is better for you to have a massage as it is very effective in improving your sleep patterns. Body massage will help making the body and mind become more relaxed and reduce the stress, so that automatically makes you feel sleepy. This is because, during the massage process, our body will produce a peaceful hormone.

#5: Improve body resistance

Not only vitamins and supplements can help improve the resistance, but also through body massage. The massage will increase the blood flow to the lymphatic system and improve the body resistance.

#6: Skin lightening

Obviously, not only you want the face to be brighter, you want the body to feel the same too. Body massage will help improving the function of the sebaceous and sweat glands in the body and cleanse the skin. This will remove dead skin cells from the body, relaxes the muscles, increase circulation and give freshness to the face and body.

#7: Improve the body posture

The massage, if it is done professionally can also help to improve the body posture. Massage will help the muscles of the spine to be in the correct position. That situation will certainly improve the ability of the body’s muscles and make your posture better. 

#8: Help heal the pain

Massage can also assist healing faster and help to improve the movement of muscles. With massage, the bone muscles becomes more relaxed and comfortable in performing various movements. If performed by a professional and trained masseuse, the massage is able to help reduce the pain due to migraine, bone pain (arthritis) and so on. The massage will increase the blood flow and help block pain receptors in the nervous system and increase the density of your bones. 

Those are the benefits of body massage that I can share. Now, there are many types of massage available in some beauty or spa centre, and you can choose to suit your needs. No matter how busy you are, make sure you have time to indulge in a body massage. At the very least, once a month for more effective results.




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