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Manjakani Sebagai Alat Pengetat

oleh | Sep 22, 2019 | Manjakani

What kind of agent is that? When the topic of Manjakani comes into picture, the only image that appears in my mind is secret agent … like James Bond. But in this case, the task is very specific, that is to tighten ‘it’.

To achieve the dream husband-wife relationship, miss v must be in a very good shape, no bad smell, perfectly located womb, no excessive and uncontrolled liquid, and the most important of all is … it must be tight. How to achieve that? There are few actually …

the methods

Pinch it

Take a pinch of Manjakani powder, add a little amount of water just enough to dilute it and apply it to the miss v hole.

Repeat it

Repeat the process for 3-4 times in a week should suffice. The after effect is immediate, but you need to hold (‘tahan’) a lil bit with the sensational pain at the muscles since Manjakani is working hard to assist you to achieve the desired outcome.

the result

It should work, tell me if it doesn’t  …

So, Mamita hopes this post serves you in the best position it is meant to be and Mamita hopes this is beneficial to you.

These are some of the things Mamita can share about the usefulness and benefits of Manjakani fruits for health, curing illness and some of its uses for female organs. Apparently Manjakani is one type of herbal ingredients that possesses many benefits. Try it out!

Manjakani is female best friend. No doubt about it. It just created purposely for female species.

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Last updated on 22nd September 2019

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