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5 Steps To Prevent Stretchmarks During Pregnancy

by | May 14, 2017 | Tips

PREGNANT is NOT FUN when confronted with changes that occur in the stomach, many feel like screaming. The stomach that used to be smooth without scars, suddenly there are lines everywhere. That’s the effect of stretch marks. This normal problem always occur among pregnant mothers. In pregnancy term, it is known as stretchmark. 


What is a stretchmark? Stretchmark or cracks is a small scar in the surface of the skin that occurs as a result of the effect of skin stretching during pregnancy period. Pregnancy usually causes changes in the shape and weight that quickly makes the skin lost elasticity. As a result, the stomach condition begins to have impact lines and usually remain even after childbirth.


The effect of cracks is usually occur in the stomach, breasts, buttocks, hips, thighs and some even experience it in the arm. But there are also lucky mothers who never experienced the effects of this cracks. Please note that 90% of women suffer from the effects of stretching during pregnancy. Darker skinned women, younger and had previous history of stretching marks among family members will be highly prone to stretching.   Some say that early prevention is better than cure. Although some managed to get rid of the effect of the cracks, it is better to prevent at all from happening.


Among the steps that could prevent the occurrence of the cracks are:

#1: Apply lotion

If you plan to get pregnant, always apply some lotions containing olive oil, coconut oil or aloe vera. The purpose of the lotion is to prevent the skin from drying and cracking due to stretching during pregnancy.

#2: After bathing

The best time to apply lotion is after bathing, so that the skin looks healthier and keep moisturiser.

#3: Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Avoid intakes of beverages containing Caffeine and Alcohol that can cause skin to dry. Drink plenty of mineral water that can help moisturise the skin.

#4: More waterbased products

Eating plenty of fruits, drinking warm water, yogurt and fresh milk to ensure that the body always has enough supply of water. 

#5: Exercise

Do regular exercise during pregnancy such as walking and swimming to improve the blood circulation and helps maintaining the circulation in a controlled manner.

However, this problem usually will begin to decrease after six months of delivery. It is all depends on how concern are you with its presence and take early preventive measures such as diligently apply the areas with anti-stretch cream, weight control, exercise regularly and so on. Without intensive prevention, you may have to ‘live‘ with the stretching effect for good.


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