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7 Tips to Avoid Stretch Marks Incidence on Stomach and Thighs During Pregnancy

by | May 8, 2017 | Tips

If we do not take a good care of our skin on the area that will surely stretch, such as the abdomen and thighs during our pregnancy, then the effect after delivery will not be desirable. Since stretch marks are included in the category of scars, it is not easy to eliminate it in a short time. So, prevention is better than cure.

Tips for avoiding stretch marks

Tip #1 – Drink plenty of fluids.

Fluids can moisturise the skin and prevent stretch marks on the skin.

Tip #2 – Treatment using oil

Among the effective oil to prevent stretch marks are Olive oil, Vitamin E oil, Essential oil, and Castor oil. Vitamin E oil can help improve the skin elasticity and thus prevent the occurrence of stretch marks on the skin. Most of this oil is effective because it has high antioxidant properties that can prevent skin damage caused by free radicals. Coconut oil is very effective because it contains saturated fatty acids that are not easily oxidised and it ultimately nourish the skin from free radicals.

Tip #3 – Regular exercises to increase the elasticity

Exercises will stimulate and tighten the dermis of the skin (the central part of the skin that contain Collagen and Elastin). The exercises that focus specifically for pregnant women will not only good to the skin but can facilitate the birth process later.

Tip #4 – Shea butter or Cocoa butter

Always moisten the areas that there are tendency to stretch, for example, rub lotion on your stomach and thighs as much as possible every day. Use products that are of Shea butter or Cocoa butter as the main source. Two of these substances stimulate the formation of new skin so that stretch marks can be avoided.

Tip #5 – Increase foods intake that rich in Vitamin C

Our body is using Vitamin C to produce Collagen and Cartilage. Vitamin C is also very effective in reducing skin damage caused by free radicals.

Tip #6 – Gelatine intake

Gelatine here is referring to the extraction of Collagen water from the bones of chicken, cow or goat. The extracted water can be used to cook vegetables and rice. The formation of Collagen is very important to maintain skin elasticity and to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks on the skin.

Tip #7 – Zinc intake

Zinc deficiency is one of the causes of stretching skin. Zinc is also used in the production of Collagen and it is also an antioxidant. Zinc can be found in chicken, lamb, beef and beans.

Those are all the tips I have for the new mommies. If you know that you are going to follow it, TYPE “Yes” in the comment box below. Or you think you have some questions about it, you can comment also. AND if you think that this post will help other mommies, please do SHARE this post.




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