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How To Make Massage Oil At Home With Little Cost

by | May 6, 2017 | Tips

So many mommies ask me before about how do I make my massage oil. They say that my oil smells good and they want to buy the oil. I told them about how it is easy to make it, and today, I am going to share with you, live from my kitchen about how to make the massage oil.

What you need is just coconut milk and make sure it is pure coconut milk. Those cheap ones with added water are just not going to work. You are not going to get the good smell if you try to cut corners.

In preparing to make the oil, you need only one thing … PATIENCE. The process takes longer and the heat from the kitchen is so and so.


It is so easy to make your own massage oil. Remember, use fresh coconut oil to get the soothing smell from your oil …

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