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Massage price

How much is the price for the massage?

I charge by the hour.

1.0 hour = RM199.00
1.5 hours = RM249.00

The price is inclusive of transportation already.

For more details about my massage price, please click on this link

Do you have any other surcharges?

As much as possible, I do not like to travel at night. However, if your situation is urgent and requires for me to travel at night, there will be extra charge.

For night time massage session, 50% surcharge from the massage cost is chargeable (For e.g. 50% x RM199 = RM99.50). 


Transport charges

How do you charge for the transport?

I am no longer charge for any transport since my new massage price is already included with the transport. So, no more hidden and surprise charges.

Do you charge parking as well?

No more parking charges


About my

Benefits of my massage

My massage focuses on improving blood circulation by targeting blocked veins that cause the pain.

My massage focuses on muscles aches and pains and help to lessen the pain.

I use a lot of pressure points and it is a bit uncomfortable to some mommies.

Can your massage make me conceive?

That kind of niche belongs to my grandmother. She has been doing that in Alor Star, but for now I cannot guarantee the success of my massage to conceive. Anyway, if you still want to try to conceive with my massage skill, you can contact me during your heavy menses period.

Can you massage my husband, my brother or male to be specific?

My massage is for female only. There are many personal reasons why I cannot massage male, if we were to discuss it over here, it will take ages. To cut it short, YES for female and NO for male, period.

Can I massage during my menses?

I have no problem with that. It is up to you to proceed the massage or not. For the people who want to conceive, it is the right time to massage.

What is womb adjustment massage?

It is to adjust the womb to its original position. Womb could not be in its original position because of:

  • After child birth
  • Accident
  • Heavy lifting
  • Excessive exercises that involve with the stomach


Timing of
the massage

When to book?

To me, there are no hard and fast rules to book.  You can:

  • WhatApps @ 010-812 6050

I will reply as soon as I am online and available to answer. You will need to know that if I don’t answer, that means, I have a session ongoing and I do not want to “steal” the time from my paying customer by answering your calls and messages.

For one-off massage session, I need 50% deposit banked-in to my bank for me to block my calendar. This 50% deposit will not be refunded for last minute cancellation.



Caesarean delivery

When should I have the massage?

You’ll have to wait at least 2 weeks before any massage just to be safe. However, the tummy area should be left untouched even after 2 weeks. When you see the outer skin is heal, it does not mean inside the tummy is fully recovered. Putting a pressure on the sensitive area would cause more harm than good.

How many times I have to massage after the delivery?

Normally, for confinement, I would suggest 3 times

  • One time after the delivery
  • Second time in the middle and the
  • Third time at the end of the confinement
What is hot iron or "tungku" and what is the purpose of it?

Hot iron or “tungku” is normally used to extract the wind from the tummy area. It is made of metal, iron to be exact and it is heated before it is applied to the tummy area. It helps to unclog the blood clots in the womb area.


Normal delivery

When should I have the massage?

For normal delivery, within one week will do. However, if you need it urgent and you do not face any complications, you can contact me after 3 days.

How many times I have to massage after the delivery?

Normally, for confinement, I would suggest 3 times

  • One time after the delivery
  • Second time in the middle and the
  • Third time at the end of the confinement


Before the massage

What should I prepare before the massage?

I prefer the massage to be performed on the floor because of the pressures I need to apply during the massage. If the massage is to be performed on the floor, a yoga mat or comfortable mattress would help a lot to ease the process.

However, if you prefer to be performed on the bed, a bed sheet or “sarong” to cover the existing bed sheet because of the massage oil that I will use during the massage.

Other than that, normal stuffs such as pillow and “sarong” or towel are required for the duration of the massage.

Can I eat before the massage?

Yes, you can eat before the massage. Just take simple meal or light meal. This to make sure that you are comfortable during the massage.

Should I bathe prior to massage?

Yes. If you can, you should bathe before the massage. It is better that way.

If bathing after the massage, you should wait at least 2 hours.

You do the massage on client’s bed or do u bring a bed?

Normally, I massage on the floor with their mattress or on their bed. If they don’t like only then I’ll bring my own yoga mat.


After the massage

Can I shower after the massage?

After the massage, you can only shower after 2 hours. This is to make sure that the oil used is absorbed fully to the skin.

Last updated on 1st November 2019

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